How to get your toilet clean and keep it clean

Getting into the toilet cleaning routine is pretty darn easy when you know how to do it. So here’s the deal: There are two kinds of cleaning. There’s your Get It Clean kind of cleaning, and then there’s your Keep It Clean kind of cleaning. The trick is to know what’s what. 

Get It Clean

Get your toilet clean with Duck® Fresh Brush. It’s great for all your toilet touch-ups. Wash away build-up, bacteria and germs while leaving your bathroom with a fresh and pleasant fragrance. It’s easy to use, and when you’re done, just flush it away. No need to worry about storing a germy brush with my kind of Fresh Brush.

Duck® Foaming Bleach Gel and Duck® Deep Action Gel sanitise the toilet for your deepest kind of clean. We’re talking removing limescale, killing germs and saying sayonara to the most stubborn stains to effectively clean and sanitise your toilet for the whole family. And once you’ve got your toilet this clean and smelling this fresh and good, you’re going to want to keep it that way.

Keep it Clean

Keep your toilet fresh and clean one flush at a time with Duck® Fresh Discs—just make sure you clean the toilet first. It will keep your toilet looking good and smelling fresh. And very rarely in our society is it completely acceptable to actually stamp something into your toilet, so this in and of itself is a giant perk. 

Not trying to product-drop or anything, but Duck® Liquid Rimblocks, Duck® 5-in-1 Solid Rimblocks and Duck® Aqua 4-in-1 Rimblocks help keep the toilet fresh one flush at a time while also consistently cleaning, freshening and fighting limescale. Oh, and of course they leave behind a great scent.